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Galileo Media Services' Illustration Work



Galileo Media Services can create original Vector Patterns and Playful Illustrations and icons to liven your website!

Serena was originally trained as a children's magazine illustrator using watercolors and colored pencil media. Back in the day when there were no such things as scanners, she used to have to replicate Charles Schultz's exact linework for Snoopy and Peanuts' product designs using ink rapidograph pens. The ability to draw also translated to her ability to create complex 3D models by extruding linear and vector paths. Whenever you look at her models, every form used to begin as flat rectangles squares and linear shapes originally and were extruded to create their final form.


Serena's Animated Alphabet CD

Galieo Media Services' mobile website is still under construction. You will need the Flash player to view these 3D animations, but we will later have .mpg alternate versions.