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Galileo Media Services can help you with website copy and power messaging to engage your audience



How Gallileo Media Services Creates Effective Social Media Campaigns:

Dynamic content. Current events relevant to your business. Audience involvement.

Facebook and Blogging is a very time-consuming endeavor. Being effective, informative and entertaining involves a lot of research and effort. It takes a special niche to be able to both write and create a unique and interesting POV. And time is precious. For many small business owners the weight of scheduling, accounting, and the day-to-day management of their business does not allow them any spare time. Galileo Media Services has the energy and the drive to make success out of your Social Media campaign.

One of our Favorite Project Highlights:

Client Request: To save money, client wanted to transform her Facebook page into an "educational blog" and a place to post online ads. Editorial content was kept short and brief. Variety between educational information and more relaxing topics were alternated.

Acupuncture Kansas City's Facebook campaign

Screenshot from Acupuncture Kansas City's Facebook Page

Leonardo da Vinci's rule: "“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is how we approach print collateral and online ads. We also write descriptive website copy for our clients, highlighting their business. Listed below are websites with our editorial copywriting.