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Thank you so much for visiting my website! I look forward to meeting you and beginning our teamwork together!

I am a multimedia designer specializing in 3D animation, web design, video, photography, and graphic design. Some favorite places that I’ve worked full-time at were Determined Productions, based in California (Snoopy and Peanuts product designs), and as part of a 5-person animation team at Populous, a sports architectural firm famous for its baseball stadiums, its collegiate football stadiums, the Sprint Center and Kauffman stadium. I was born in North Dakota, spent my childhood years in N.Y.C. and the rest of my life, I’ve been a Kansas City resident. I graduated with an illustration major, B.F.A., with advanced honors in Literature and Creative Writing. My diverse experience as a print designer, multimedia artist, web designer, 3D animator and writer enables Galileo Media Services to be the perfect algorithm for launching your marketing!

As a designer I am about:


Helping small Kansas City businesses thrive is one of the greatest joys that I have! I have worked for several large corporate industries in Kansas City, but the individuality, the faith and value I have for my small business clients is what I truly treasure.


Everything in life intrigues me! Coming from a family of scientists and doctors, I love adventure and seek advancements in technology. Whether agriculture, the American Heartland, space exploration, physics, architecture, furniture design, the culinary arts, motion graphics, learning and practicing Russian, I am constantly observing and thinking. My beloved camera is my journal, a way to quickly take down “notes”, observations and new thoughts and ideas.


If you think you are "good enough", no matter how successful you are as a designer, you are giving up your artistry. I always strive to be "better". There are so many brilliant writers and designers from all areas of expertise! Lighting designers, photographers, fashion designers, florists, executive chefs, choreographers, the list goes on! Every field of “art” holds its own special inspiration for me. I research the BEST so that I can give my clients the BEST work that I can give.


To my faithful and wonderful clients I thank you for your business, the times we grew together and for our journey of shared memories and experiences! You have been a true Blessing! And I thank the Lord for the Best of my artwork and designwork. Truly through Him all Dreams are possible :D