GALILEO MEDIA SERVICES: Graphic Design and Visual Branding

Galileo Media Services brings you a Complete Unified and Elegant Solution for all your marketing needs



Galileo Media Services provides cohesive branding to both your print collateral and your online marketing.

We start off by integrating your original logo, your stylistic preferences, the demographics your business is targeting, and how we can dazzle that audience. We use elements of contrast, colors and "visual pop". Sometimes clients really need help with their logo, and we include logo re-design as part of our package deal with business card designs. All your branding colors and style are likewise translated into brochures. One of the biggest cost-savings we offer is that the photography we create for your website can be directly applied to your printed flyers, brochures, and sales collateral at no additional cost!

At Galileo Media Services, we are all about giving small private businesses a great bargain and a jumpstart to their marketing!

Galileo Media Service Brochure
Galileo Media Service Brochure

Depicted: Brochure insert

Galileo Media Services has created packaging design, print brochures, flyers and standard foldouts. Included are foil and stamped pieces for custom bags and giveaways and large posters for tradeshows. Please visit our Graphic Design Portfolio link to view more of our work.

Galileo's Unique Approach to Social Media: Facebook can have elegance and sophistication too! LinkedIn Profiles should have a professional portraiture with good lighting and good angles.

How Small Businesses Can Have an Advantage»

Multiple bigger businesses mistake "Social Media" as a "letting it all hang out" public swimming pool. Often fuzzy images and low quality video are posted. Instead, images must always be resized to keep crispness and compositional balance. YouTube videos MUST be well done! Remember, a small business owner has to compete with the Big Dogs. This is a trade secret and advantage that Galileo Media Services gives to small business owners. Many big corporations have not yet considered how to make a beautiful Facebook presence or how to be selective in choosing their event photos. Social Media is all about putting your Best Face forward.

Acupuncture Kansas City's Facebook campaign

Screenshot from Acupuncture Kansas City's Facebook Page