GALILEO MEDIA SERVICES: Amazing 3D Models and Animations at Just $20 per hour!

Our 3D animation rates are the lowest, most cost-saving rates you can find! Video is $45 per hour for testimonials, product and services demos



The History Behind Galileo's 3D Experience

Serena has over 25 years' experience as a 3D modeler and animator. 3D is actually her favorite medium. Serena has purposefully kept her 3D animation rates at the lowest cost in the hopes of getting as much 3D work as she can get :D She designs with 3D Studio Max and VRay.

Why choose 3D animation as part of your marketing strategy.....

3D applications have the power to be extremely memorable and exciting to watch. They also magnify tradeshow demonstrations as being at the wavefront of technology. In addition, the storytelling of detailed 3D brings drama and dimension to a presentation.

Corporate Video Presentations

Video brings a sense of time, place and validity to product and service demos. Likewise professional quality video and music elevates mood and a "call to action" mentality for viewers. The flip side is that unprofessional video and poor quality photographs leave a lasting negative impression and wear down a viewer's patience.

To enhance video, Serena uses Adobe After Effects, Premiere and other video-editing software to create smooth transitions and subtle effects to bring sophistication to corporate video. Need to elevate a Powerpoint presentation for a very important convention or tradeshow event? Contact Galileo Media Services at 913.530.9285.

Be sure to visit our Vimeo link to view Galileo Media Services' multimedia video projects.